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Several days passed and nothing happened. Everyone assumed the green finned girl was dead. No one even questioned it. It was only when they brought her back that everyone mumbled.

There didn’t seem to be any damage done to the lady. They placed her in the empty cage next to Eppiphoraz. She turned to look at him but said nothing.

He was just as curious as everyone else. What did they do? Why did they take her? They were obviously not beating her.

Several hours later she looked up and moved to the left side of her cage to be closer .

“You are the spotless!” She whispered .

He nodded . “Yes, by name is Eppiphoraz.” She smiled and gave him her name.

“Did they hurt you?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said and began to cry. He had no words. She didn’t look hurt but he dare not question her.

For the next few weeks it was the same. Instead of taking him they took her.

Part of him felt guilty even though it was technically not his fault they had switched who got hurt.

About a month or so later they stopped taking her.

The next morning they brought potato soup for everyone like they usually did. For the green finned girl they gave her an actual meal. Everyone was shocked her included.

“You best eat all that food you understand!” The man who brought the food said.  People complained some cursed at her.

"Don’t listen to them." Eppiphoraz told her . "They just don’t understand. They have no idea what its like."

"How would you know!! You have no idea!" She yelled at him.

It was not until several days later when he found out what she meant. It was night for the faint light that seeped in from the missing bricks on the wall had faded.

Eppiphoraz watched in horror as the poor girl, in complete embarrassment and with nowhere to hide, began to lay egg after egg inside her cage.

The girl cried and whimpered through the night until all six eggs were in the cage.

The men walked in opened the cage, took the eggs and left her in her cage crying. Eppiphoraz did the only thing he could do, offer his hand for her to hold. She took his hand and squeezed it. Just watching her cry made him cry along with her.

With time Eppiphoraz and the green finned girl became good friends. Mostly it was an understanding of each other’s s pain  that brought them close .

When one or the other were pulled out the other did their best to reassure they were strong and that they would survive.

Some months latter the green finned girl laid eggs again like before. It seemed that she was not the only one either. They wanted the eggs and were purposely impregnating the females to later take the eggs and sell them.

Months passed Eppiphoraz was unsure if it had been just a few months or a year. Perhaps even two years. Every time they pulled him out they had fun with the hooks on his back. They didn’t exactly hurt much anymore. He however figured that it took quite a bit of time for them so set the hooks up and hoist him up a tree. He screamed in pain for them. He knew it was what they wanted to hear. In truth he was not in much pain.

He smiled at his cunning but he didn’t dare tell anyone.

In fact that feeling of being suspended in the air felt rather nice. Real nice. He felt confused by this but had no one to ask.

If anyone found out he was partly enjoying this they would hate him. It didn’t matter who found out. If the other Zora found out they would be angry he thought. If his captors knew they would find more ways to torture him. He didn’t want that either. So he kept quiet .

Unfortunately  the secret could not be safe forever

on one of many occasions of being hoisted up a moan escaped his lips instead of a scream of pain.

“Hey…I think he likes it?” later

“What? yeah it sounds like it.”

“So what do we do?”

“Have fun with it! See how much he can take!”

“We can figure out a punishment for him once we have some fun. ..”

His eyes went wide at the sadistic stares they were giving him.  Fear spread across his face and made him tremble. He had nowhere to run . In fact he was hanging from a tree there was no escape.

One of them walked closer and gave him a push. The hooks on his flesh pulled as he swung.

They rubbed his belly.

“You like all this don’t you ? Well perhaps we can make this more enjoyable.”

Just the way he said it sent Eppiphoraz into a panic.

Next thing he knew he was in his cage.

He lay there on the cage floor curled up in a fetal position and holding his belly in pain. There was some blood dripping from the wounds on his back but nothing that bothered him on his back that is. This new pain was different it hurt deep inside his soul not just his body. He felt empty and alone. Even though he was in a crowded room. He felt broken and it was not just because of the scars.

He felt a cool hand touch him. He opened his eye and saw the hand of the lady in the cage next to him reaching to comfort him.

“Don’t worry the pain will go away.” she said to him. He was to tired to respond. Only tears were the answer she received.

He remained in the same position all night and most of the day. When they threw the bucket of water on him or brought his plate of food he didn’t move. Only fuzzy memories of the day before flooded his mind .

It was only when the door opened and several people walked in that he looked up.

“Sir we assure you we have the best specimens in the market.”

“That we shall see! I expect only the best.”  It was a tall slender man. He wore a long coat and heavy boots.  A blue spotted top hat adorned his head, black lace on the rim matching then man’s tie. The man hit his cane against a cage.

“I will purchase your best specimen. I have a certain tome I need bound and I think one of your specimens will do the job.”

The tall man peaked into the cages. He inspected individuals for color and spot patterns.

That’s when then lady with the black dress walked in.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting I know Exactly what you are looking for. We have the most wonderful patterns.”  They stopped in front of Eppiphoraz’s cage but it was not to look at him but the cage across. They pulled then young child out Eppiphoraz began to panic as he realized they had his little brother.

“Oooh he is magnificent!”  The man said as he felt the back of the small boy.

“That line of perfect just peeerfect spots will be an amazing backbone to the Tome’s binding. I must say you have outdone yourself. The money is yours. “

With that they left dragging the crying and screaming child with them .

” No nononono!!!!” Eppiphoraz climbed to the bars of his cage as he saw them taking his baby brother away.

“Hey there !!!” A voice suddenly said startling Eppiphoraz and making him hit his head on the ceiling of his little cage. “You are coming with us boy. “

They pulled on his arm to drag him towards the back room. The screams from the child were still audible through the closed doors. They opened the door.

The man with the hat stared at Eppiphoraz.

“And what is the meaning of bringing that… despicable being in my presence? if you expect me to purchase such low quality product I assure you, you are greatly mistaken.” He said angrily.

"Oh no . you see this specimen here tried to defy us. So now…" The man stopped and chained Eppiphoraz by the neck .

“He is going to watch what happens In this room aren’t you boy?”

Eppiphoraz didn’t answer so they began hitting him.

“yes.” He finally said.

“Now that’s more like it.”  The man said pulling on his tail stump so his face was looking at the table.

The small boy kicked and screamed.

“Can you stop that horrible hollering you miserable fish!” The man with the hat said slapping the boy. The boy made a squeak sounding yelp.

“NO!” Eppiphoraz suddenly shouted . This resulted in being kicked in the ribs.

They tied the boy to the table face down so that he would be unable to move.  

“OK so about right here would be a good place to start.” one of the men said pressing cold knife on the young Zora’s back.

The boy started screaming in pain as they began to carefully cut the flesh on his back.

” Noooooo Nooo nononononono let him go let him go let him go.” He was unable to look away and he was unable to stop repeating “Let him go!” over and over.

“Can you stop them from making so much noise? Their horrible screaming is making he angry.”

With that they placed a knife at the child’s neck and ended his life on the spot.

“Hurry and finish before its harder to get it tender.” One of the men told the other.

Eppiphoraz just looked. Unable to look away from the bloody gory scene. He was still repeating “Let him go.” even though he had already ran out of breath and it was more of a whispering gasp.

He stared for hours as they removed the spotted flesh from Eppiphoraz’s little brother. If the knew it was his brother or not he did not know. What he did know was that his baby brother was gone.

Once it was over they dragged Eppiphoraz back to his cage. He still kept saying “let him go” without stopping even while inside his cage and with the men away from his sight. The next morning he was unable to speak.

His voice was gone not a word could come out no matter how hard he tried .  The girl next to him did what she could to comfort him. She had known the boy was his brother. And she had seen his awkward behavior the previous night.

Everyone in the room knew what happened inside that room. No one had ever been inside just to see . Anyone that was dragged into that room never returned alive. Well that is how it used to be. Recently since they began selling eggs that had changed. No one had seen how the skinning process was done. None except for him.

He sat there and said nothing for hours. He was unable to speak at all . He cried.

For the next several days they did not take him out. not that it mattered he only curled up in the back of the cage and said nothing.

“Eppiphoraz!  snap out of it! ” a voice said. he did not know where the voice came from and he did not care. He only stared at the blank emptiness of the ceiling of his tiny cage.

The day after that they did take him out. They dragged him out and they hung him by a tree by one foot. He hung upsidedown. It was frustrating for the men that their little play thing make no screams of pain. Not a sound came from his mouth. So instead they kicked him until he passed out,  dragged him back to his cage, and threw him inside.

The next morning he woke up. He opened his mouth to speak but still nothing came out.

“Eppiphoraz?” He turned to his left. His friend was there. The one that had his wife at his side.

“I am sorry for your loss. I do not know what you saw in there. But it seems you have lost your voice. Don’t force yourself. Try small. ” He told him. Eppiphoraz nodded and sat up again. He noticed all the bruises all over his body. This had not been the first time. It did not mean it didn’t hurt.

He suddenly felt a cold hand on his shoulder. He turned to his right.

“Don’t give up please. The only thing that keeps me strong is knowing I can take it. And I know I can because I saw you take it and live. Don’t give up.” She said stretching out her hand through the bars or her cage and his. He took her hand in his and gave her a nod.

The Story of Eppiphoraz part3
This story is quite strong I suppose. It has torture and stuff. If you do not like such things do not read. If you reqd the first two parts well... You know what to expect.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am not an Art student. I do art for fun.
I like to try different forms of art.
However I mostly use a pencil and paper.
It may not be my strongest point sadly.

I have gone though a pit of depression but i think i got over it quite well.

Here is to changing my future!
Regaining my sense of self.
My dignity
and my hope for a better future.


Sharky's commissions
My foe Anxiety by Akhrrana
Zech found Something by Akhrrana
Azhrra by Akhrrana
Vanhorn the wandering swordsman by Akhrrana
I normally use pencils , pens, and charcoal when I draw. Once I'm done I use my phone to take a picture. I use lighting effects to get the different looks. 
Once that is done I will give you several different versions of it.
Its been a while since I posted a journal here.
Some things have been going on in my life that have made things a bit difficult.
Recently I've been in pain. I went to see a doctor about it and they suspected Cancer.I was sent to get tested. Let me just say It has been the most stressing months in my life.
Just waiting for some Lab results for Cancer for the longest time had me stressed and of course I'm in horrible pain half the time. So I was panicky and not knowing was getting to me.

I am glad however that I don't have Cancer (for now) I have to go back and get tested again.

I am so upset that my dad had my results for almost a week and he didn't even tell me.I however didn't say anything (as usual )

That being said I'm still in horrible pain. I apologize to anyone I was rude to. Pain makes me grumpy. I'm weak and tired most of the time now. So if you were wondering why in was posting less this is why.

To celebrate that I don't have stupid cancer!! IMA draw Zoras!!!!


If you have a Zora OC
I want to make a Zora group picture.
I want to have as many Zora OC as I can in it.
So reply if you are interested with a reference to your Zora.
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