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For the next few days no one came into the room. Eppiphoraz was safe and no one died. It was a blessing . Some wondered what had happened. They still got their daily bowl of potato soup and the water spilled on them to keep their scales moist.

Eppiphoraz knew the lady had said she would not let them hurt him. Perhaps she had kept her word. Why? He didn’t understand.

About a week had passed when they finally showed up.

No one knew what to think at that point. They pulled Eppiphoraz out of his cage. And walked him slowly. No one else in the cages spoke a word. They only saw him leave.

“We missed you buddy!”
“I bet that tail o your healed up real nice already.”
“It better have because we are tired of waiting.”
“We have something special for you kid!”

With that two of the three men held him. The shortest guy showed Eppiphoraz what looked like very large fishing hooks.  

“Doesn’t this look like fuuun!”
Eppiphoraz covered his face with both hands.
“Now where do we put these? Let’s start with the first one.”
He traced the tip of the hook across the blue scales of his belly. Eppiphoraz shivered in fear.
The man continued to trace the hook across his scaly body.
Moving behind him he continued moving the hook across his back.
“Ah perfect! “The man said lifting the hook away. He pinched his back and drover the hook into his scaly back..
He quickly covered Eppiphoraz’s his mouth.
” Ah ah…no screaming.” The man squeezed Eppiphoraz’s butt with one hand making the Zora jolt driving the hook in deeper.
“Enjoy the pain boy enjoy it. Its not so bad.”
Eppiphoraz whimpered. While they began piercing his back with another hook.
Blood dripped on the floor from the wounds.
Soon he had four hooks on his back one on each shoulder blade and two others on his lower back.
“Now just wait till we hook you up somewhere. Heheh its gonna be great.”

The hooks on his back burned. he could feel the trail of his cold blood  seeping through the openings on his blue scaly flesh.

“Guess what today is boy?” The short man asked

Eppiphoraz did not answer. He had no idea what day it was. He didn’t exactly care either.

“Its your birthday!” The man said and clapped his hands.

Birthday? Eppiphoraz thought confused he didn’t recall when he was born. Even if he did how would these men know.

“You have been with us for a whole year isn’t that wonderful!” He said giving a light slap on Eppy’s face.

“We have a surprise for you! ” With that they dragged him into a dark room. It was dimly lit by candle light. the walls smelled of mold and dust.

“On your knees fish!” A voice said. He realized it was a familiar voice. The lady who had promised not to hurt him. They pushed him in his knees.

“I honestly didn’t think you would last this long. You are one tough fish! I like that.” She said coming closer and kneeling in front of him so he could be at eye level. She placed both hands on his face.

Eppiphoraz trembled in fear.

“Still afraid eh.” She grinned passing her hand over his head with her long finger nails.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” She said putting her arms around him and kissing him.

Eppiphoraz began to panic . He struggled to get free from her embrace.

She pushed him.

“Even after I promise to not hurt you?” She glared angrily “Fine! FINE I won’t….But they…THEY Will!” She shouted storming out of the room.

"You should have said yes " The man who had brought him there said.

“let’s set you up!” He took a rope and attached it to one of the hooks on his back.

“I don’t understand what she sees in you. Personally I find it repulsive.” he laughed. “You probably do too don’t you.”

He chained his hands together and attached them to a stake on the floor.

he than pulled on the rope he had attached to his back and hooked it up to the wall.

Eppiphoraz could do nothing but cry in pain as the hooks pulled on his flesh.

“Oh this is nothing ! Not done with you yet.” he came back with a whip and began to whip him with all his strength.

Eppiphoraz  cried in pain and covered his face. Every movement he made caused the rope pull on his back painfully.

Once the man grew tired of whipping they dragged Eppiphoraz back to his cage.

They painfully pulled the hooks out from his back making the wounds bleed again.

He curled up inside his cage as blood dripped from the gaping wounds.

There was mumbling among the other Zora.

“They are hurting him again should we start to worry?”

“What is it like outside? At least he gets to go outside.”

“Don’t give up Eppiphoraz I believe in you!” He heard his father’s voice from somewhere in the room. It was good to hear his voice. Eventually he fell asleep exhausted and in pain.

The next day no one picked him up but they took a young lady with bright green flippers to the back room. There were no screams of pain however so they wondered what had happened.

The day after that they took Eppiphoraz out of his cage. They placed the hooks back into the wounds they had previously made. They tied ropes to the hooks and pulled Eppiphoraz along.

Once outside they adjusted the ropes and began to pull him up by the hooks.

The now 15 year old zora began to scream as they pulled on the ropes hoisting him up higher each time. Now that he was suspended they punched  him and pushed him like a swing. All Eppiphoraz could do is whimper in pain.

The Story of Eppiphoraz part2
Eppiphoraz now 15
Still surviving.
The chamber by Akhrrana
The chamber
From the next chapter I'm working on. In Eppiphoraz's story.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am not an Art student. I do art for fun.
I like to try different forms of art.
However I mostly use a pencil and paper.
It may not be my strongest point sadly.

I have gone though a pit of depression but i think i got over it quite well.

Here is to changing my future!
Regaining my sense of self.
My dignity
and my hope for a better future.


Sharky's commissions
My foe Anxiety by Akhrrana
Zech found Something by Akhrrana
Azhrra by Akhrrana
Vanhorn the wandering swordsman by Akhrrana
I normally use pencils , pens, and charcoal when I draw. Once I'm done I use my phone to take a picture. I use lighting effects to get the different looks. 
Once that is done I will give you several different versions of it.
Its been a while since I posted a journal here.
Some things have been going on in my life that have made things a bit difficult.
Recently I've been in pain. I went to see a doctor about it and they suspected Cancer.I was sent to get tested. Let me just say It has been the most stressing months in my life.
Just waiting for some Lab results for Cancer for the longest time had me stressed and of course I'm in horrible pain half the time. So I was panicky and not knowing was getting to me.

I am glad however that I don't have Cancer (for now) I have to go back and get tested again.

I am so upset that my dad had my results for almost a week and he didn't even tell me.I however didn't say anything (as usual )

That being said I'm still in horrible pain. I apologize to anyone I was rude to. Pain makes me grumpy. I'm weak and tired most of the time now. So if you were wondering why in was posting less this is why.

To celebrate that I don't have stupid cancer!! IMA draw Zoras!!!!


If you have a Zora OC
I want to make a Zora group picture.
I want to have as many Zora OC as I can in it.
So reply if you are interested with a reference to your Zora.
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